Finally had some time to take pics of our plant project.

Succulent + Cacti, lovingly arranged by hand and accented with Italian sea glass + terra cotta from the Amalfi Coast.

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I love every single photo I have ever seen of this girl.

i need my child to look and be this cute 

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Ann Lislegaard, Nothing but Space, 1997

The Velvet Underground, Big Eye of Nico, April 1, 1966


Emir Šehanović

Emir Šehanović is an artist hailing from Bosnia-Herzegovina who uses digitally manipulated images and vintage photos in a collage-like format to create these very unique figurative pieces. For his work, Šehanović will use both traditional collage mediums as well as combining digital techniques to achieve the particular look and emotion in his pieces.

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Wingaersheek Beach

Gloucester, MA


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Alexa Chung seen at Topshop Unique Show on September 14, 2014 in London, England.